You have no reference

Man: Just a suggestion, why don’t you put the reference books over there?
Me: In the adult section?
Man: Yes.
Me: There are plenty of reference books in the adult section.
Man: Well why does that sign say Reference over there?
Me: Well, because those are children’s reference books, so they are in the children’s section.
Man: You don’t have any adult reference books!
Me: What exactly are you looking for?
Man: I’m looking for World Books and Encyclopedia Britannica!
Me: We have World Books for children, and we have access to Encyclopedia Britannica online. There are other ref–
Man: I need someone to show me! What section, I BET they aren’t there!

Spoiler alert: they were there.


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*waves* Hello all! My name is Shay, I'm a full time public librarian these days, as well as being a silly gal who loves fun, laughter, and books!

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