Lemon play

Patron: “Why can’t my son play with the lemon? ”
Me: “Because it’s an actual lemon.”
Patron: “It’s just a lemon.”
Me: “That someone can step on.”
Patron: “No one’s going to step on it.”
Me: “Ma’am, it’s food…produce. Not a toy. There are actual toys to play with over here.”



February 3rd

Man: You once told me the wrong dates for the MTA exam. It’s February 3rd.
Me: *checks dates* The website says March 3-21.
Man: No, it’s February 3rd.
Me: TODAY is February 3rd. The website says the APPLICATION period is March 3-21. Test dates aren’t posted yet.
Man: The paper you gave me before says February 3rd.
Me: *prints dates and highlights March 3-21* Here, these are the current dates.
Man:…but the paper you gave me-
Me: THROW OUT that paper (there is no paper). This is accurate. Use this one.
Man: But…but Febuary 3rd…
Me: Feel free to apply today. Or March 3-21. We’ll see what happens. . . .
Man: February 3rd.
Me: *sighs*